Celtic Gifts for All Ages

Looking for a great gift to give that will be great at anytime of the year for literally anybody? Well, the gift you are looking for is definitely a Celtic gift. Whether you are shopping for the parents, grandparents, nieces, nephews, kids, or family friends they will be grateful to receive a Celtic gift without a doubt. There are many different kinds of Celtic gifts to choose from so it can sometimes to be difficult to determine which Celtic gifts will be good for who. This shouldn’t be something to stop you from buying Celtic gifts though because with a little help you will be able to find that perfect gift for whoever you are shopping for. Here are four ideas to get you started when searching for a Celtic gift for your loved ones.

1.) Gold Frosted Celtic Rosary – The only age group that this gorgeous rosary set would not be ideal for would be young children, simply because it is too delicate and nice for them to be trusted with or appreciate. For anybody else this rosary would surely make an awesome gift. The beads on the rosary are bright green and the chain and rest of the rosary are gold. Saint Patrick is featured on the chaplet piece of this rosary, and the usual Irish/Celtic icon of the hands holding a heart are also seen. The cross on the end of the rosary is gold and has much detail involved in it making this piece so awesome.

2.) Boys/Girls Shamrock Cross – Seeing as the Gold Frosted Celtic Rosary would not be a good idea for a younger child, if you are shopping for them you still need a good gift idea. This shamrock cross would make a great present for either a young girl or boy. There are two versions of this cross for whichever of the two you are shopping for. The cross itself is white with green patterns and shamrocks decorating it. On the center of the cross there is a girl, or boy, kneeling in prayer made out of silver. This piece would go great in any child’s room as a decoration on either a wall or a shelf.

3.) Cherry and Gold Celtic Crucifix – This piece is made of very nice cherry colored wood. Over the top of the wood there is a golden piece full of Celtic designs. These designs really add to the true beauty of this piece. The final touch on this great piece is the silver Christ that lays on the top of the crucifix. The combination of the colored wood, silver, and gold really make this piece a worthwhile addition to anybody’s home. This would make a great gift for a grandparent or parent.

4.) Saint Patrick Key Ring – If somebody you know loves Saint Patrick or is extremely Irish than this keyring is for them. Unlike the rest of the gifts that are on this list this keyring can really be given to a person of any age group or gender. A kid would love to get this as a gift because it is cool, and an older person would love this too because of Saint Patrick and the Irish heritage that lays behind this piece. Saint Patrick is shown on the key ring of this chain and it is well decorated with shamrocks as well. This is the most versatile gift on this list and you should really consider getting it for anybody that you know.