Chilean Students Spread Gospel

From January 3-13 over 2,000 Chilean students from over 50 universities across the country will be spreading the Gospel under the theme “United at your table, Lord, let us enliven the Church in Chile.”

The national festival began this past Monday with a Mass of commissioning celebrated by Cardinal Francisco Javier Errazuriz, the Archbishop of Santiago.

As part of the festival, which has occurred annually since 2004, each morning students share the Gospel through workshops, events, festivals, and going door-to-door.  They also visit hospitals, prisons, and orphanages.

Miners Still Alive in Chile

“Last Sunday, the Chilean bishops’ conference rejoiced upon hearing that the 33 miners trapped in a collapsed copper mine since August 5 are alive and in good spirits.

The president of the Bishops’ Conference of Chile, Bishop Alejandro Goic Karmelic, released a statement shortly after hearing the news. He noted that “the lives of the 33 miners in Atacama … should fill us with hope. We share in the joy of so many brothers and sisters in Chile and throughout the world who rejoice at this triumph of life.”

Bishop Goic added that “we thank God because his love is made present through creation in marvelous ways.”

The bishop thanked the Chilean faithful for their prayers for the successful rescue of the miners. He noted that the incident should be used constructively to improve safety regulations for those who work under dangerous conditions.

Addressing the miners, who will be receiving food and water through plastic pipes that have been inserted into the chamber, Bishop Goic said Chileans offer them their “closeness and assurance of our prayers that the Divine Spirit strengthen them at this time.”

“And we ask all those who believe in Christ to continue praying to the Father of kindness in the coming days so that the rescue operations will end in success,” the bishop said.

According to the Associated Press, it will likely take four months for the miners to be rescued.” – “Bishops of Chile ‘thank God’ for Keeping Miners Safe”, Catholic News Agency

This post on Catholic News Agency was a great story to hear about. I cannot believe that these miners are still alive in Chile, but I am very thankful for it. It is a miracle that they have survived this disaster that put them into the situation they currently reside in. Please keep these people in your prayers and hopefully they will be rescued sooner rather then later.