The Importance of Giving Your Child Choices

This morning I read a great blog post about proper child discipline.–the post was entitled, “Discipline Means To Teach.” One of the points I got from the article was the importance of giving our children choices.

Although it is right that parents make the majority of decisions for our young children to make sure that they are kept away from the dangers lurking in the world around them; we need to let them lose and let them make their own choices. We cannot be with our children all their lives; that is why it is very important that we help them build up good decision-making skills by giving them the liberty to make decisions on their own (at certain things) at an early age.

However, we should also be careful in giving our children too much liberty at a very young age or might become uncontrolled adults. So when giving your children the freedom to decide remember to give them limited, appropriate and right choices.