Is Your High Schooler Actually Ready to Go Away to College?

An issue that many families face each year is if their child is truly ready to go away to college. There will probably be at least some small doubt in the back of your mind as a parent when your child is leaving home for the first time. However, if you have big doubts maybe it is something you need to seriously consider. So many teens go away to college each year, only to perform poorly in their academics or not like the setting. As a parent you should really make sure your teen is properly prepared to make this huge change.

I found a short post by a parent who is having this same internal debate about her daughter. She asked for advice, and the thread of comments is full of opinions. If you are interested in checking out what everybody has to say click the following link: What If Your Senior Just Isn’t Ready for College?

Easing the Stress of Saving for College

A daunting task that parents have to think about is how they will save money to send their child to college. Having a college education in today’s world is an important facet in most adult’s lives. However, the cost of these college educations has done nothing but soar in recent decades. This creates a difficult situation for parents and their children too because they end up saddled with mountainous debts for years. People continue to find ways to send their children to college though, but if you are looking for some ideas we can help you out.

I read an article called, “The Top 10 Tips for Saving Money for College”, and I thought they made some good suggestions. Some of the best ideas that they suggested were making a habit of saving, starting early, and getting your kids involved in the saving when they begin working. All of these things will make paying for college that much easier.