Louisiana Says No to Guns at Mass

I was glad to see this article on the USA Today’s website this morning. If you would like the complete article, click here. I would certainly hope that concealed weapons would not be allowed into a Church! Why would anybody ever have a legitimate reason to bring a gun into a place of worship? That literally makes no sense to me. The fact that anybody is opposing this law being put into action makes me sick. If anybody can give me one good reason they should be allowed to carry a gun to Mass I would maybe consider them being allowed to. I cannot think of any situation that this would be appropriate in though.

“Concealed handguns won’t be allowed in Roman Catholic churches, despite a new state law allowing them.

“We don’t think it is appropriate to have guns in churches,” Danny Loar, executive director of the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops — the church’s public policy arm in Louisiana, said Monday.

The law allows concealed handguns in churches, synagogues or mosques for those with a valid permit and training. It also says those with authority over a church have the final say in their church.

Bishops discussed the issue when reviewing bills, Loar said.

“The bishops decided that, if the bill became law, the bishops would let their pastors know that this would not be permissible in Catholic churches,” Loar said.

The previous law let only law enforcement officials carry concealed weapons into churches.” – “No Guns in Catholic Churches”, USA Today