How To Deal With Parenting Criticisms

I have written a few times here about the dilemma of parenting criticisms. I do not think I have shared tips on how to actually deal with these people who just love to give out unwanted parenting advice. So when I stumbled into this amazing post about this subject, I immediately felt the necessity to share. The post is entitled, 6 Strategies For Dealing With Your Parenting Critics: Handling Criticism Graciously, But Firmly.

Not being able to effectively deal with all the people who are trying to influence and persuade you on how to raise your children can have negative effects on you and your family. Although listening to others can be helpful as we do need some help and advice sometimes, it is very important that we do not let the voice of others drown out our own parental instincts. A key to confident parenting is knowing exactly why you are doing things in a certain way. When you are clear of the reasons behind your parenting choices, it is easier to stand proudly amidst critics.