Support and Help Your Husband: He Can Do It!

I know we all want to be the best moms for our kids, but should we stop there? NYC Dads tells us we shouldn’t. As mothers, we should not only be concerned about fostering a wonderful relationship with our children, but you should also make an effort to support and help your husband become the best dad he can be.

As Anne-Marie Slaughter, the author of “Why Women Still Can’t Have it All” says, “The most important thing mothers can do to help fathers be the best parents they can be, as either part-time or full-time caregivers, is to get out of the way.”

The more supportive and encouraging we are of our husbands the more involved and effective they will be as fathers. After all, our kids are better off with both the best mom and the best dad. Don’t you think? So, unless he’s causing them real harm, support your husband in his own efforts to build a great relationship with your kids—and build his self-confidence as a dad. Just because he isn’t doing it your way doesn’t mean that it cannot work. Keep an open mind! Support and help your husband be a good dad, just like he should be supporting and helping your be a great mom.