Children and Technology: Where Do You Draw the Line?

In a world where technology is becoming more and more prominent in daily life, parents are faced with a difficult decision. Should kids be allowed to used all forms of technology in their rooms? My first inclination would be to say no. Growing up I was not permitted to have a TV in my room. While at the time that seemed unfair, I think that looking back it was the right call. First off, it created more opportunity for my entire family to socialize together. Even if we were watching TV anyway, at least we were all together in the living room rather than holed up in our respective rooms. Now the question becomes even deeper than just TV with devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. When is it okay to let your children use technology in their rooms and to what extent?

I found a recent post on Dads Round Table that talked about this topic of technology in the bedroom. The author of the article James has a no WiFi technology in the bedroom policy that he is sticking to. I have to say that I respect this very much and think it is a good rule to go by.

What is your technology policy at home? When and where can your children use technology?