Keeping Your Spiritual Tools Sharp: Saint Anthony and His Lesson

We all know a little bit about Saint Anthony of Padua, like if you need help finding something you pray to him. His patronage is indeed of lost things, but there is another Saint Anthony too. Saint Anthony the Great or Saint Anthony of the Desert is not as well known as Saint Anthony of Padua, but he was just as impressive a person.  Anthony was from a privileged family, but he gave all that up to lead an aesthetic lifestyle. He spent most of his years living in a desert. So much can be learned about Saint Anthony through the writings of Saint Athanasius. Saint Athanasius wrote a book called The Life of Saint Anthony of the Desert and it explains what Saint Anthony learned throughout his long life (105 years).

A post on the Catholic Writers Guild site brought this title and the life of Saint Anthony to my attention. It seems that Saint Anthony learned how the devil tricks humans into losing their faith. He banks on the human imperfection and flaw to come through, and this is where we must not give in. Anthony discovered the best defense against this was to keep your ways of judging things sharp. Be able to discern between reality and perception, and have faith in God.