Failing To Recognize Jesus in Our Lives

A post from the Community of Catholic Bloggers titled, “Anything Can Happen,” prompted me into quite a reflection today. It talked about Jesus’ disciples and their failure to recognize him at certain instances in the Bible. The blog post made me wonder whether it was possible for me to recognize Jesus today when even  his followers–who were constantly with him–had difficulty doing so.

If Jesus were to physically appear in our worship services today, would we recognize him? If you say yes, because you are quite certain of how he looks based on modern pictures of him, then I doubt you would. Taking into account the different instances wherein Jesus’ closest followers failed to distinguish who he was, I would say that recognizing Jesus would require more than physical sight or sensory perception. Instead, spiritual senses are what we need to discern Jesus’ presence in our lives.

It is only with the help of the Holy Spirit that we will be able to possess the senses to see, hear and feel our Savior’s glory.