“My Hope” Changes Religious Views of Thousands

This post over on Christian Today really gives me hope that people are still good. This televisions series “My Hope” got 69,188 people to realize that following Jesus is the way to lead your life. It’s things like this that really can end up making a difference and I commend Billy and Franklin Graham for their extraordinary work. They should do something like this in the US and see what kind of results they get. I would like to think they would see similar success as they did in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, but for some reason I have my doubts.

“Christians across the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico this year opened their homes for meetings and witnessed a combined total of 69,188 make commitments to Jesus Christ, reported the ministry behind the evangelism outreach.

“Projects like this show that evangelism is not only for pastors, but for anyone who longs for those around them to experience the hope and love found only in Jesus Christ,” he added.

For months, Christians across the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico were being prepared and equipped for the project – part of the BGEA’s “My Hope” ministry.

The programmes culminated in a combined total of more than 59,000 home events in March and April, which included a TV program featuring a sermon from Billy or Franklin Graham and a personal testimony from the host.

Altogether more than 5,500 churches from across the evangelical spectrum were reportedly involved in the projects.

As a result, 55,391 people in the Dominican Republic made commitments to Christ. In Puerto Rico, 13,797 did the same.” -“Billy Graham ministry counts nearly 70,000 commitments to Christ in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico”