Pope to Give Donation to Haiti for Schools

“An annual meeting of the Populorum Progressio Foundation dedicated to allotting funds to projects for vulnerable people across Latin America and the Caribbean will take place later this month. During the meeting, a substantial donation will be made in the Pope’s name for the rebuilding of a Haitian school damaged in January’s earthquake.

At the meeting, 230 projects from 20 different countries from Mexico to Bolivia, Brazil and the Antilles will be presented. Besides paperwork, the group will visit Church-run aid camps in Haiti and will celebrate Mass with the local Church community.

Also on that day, they will meet with representatives from humanitarian aid organizations and visit Caritas’ national headquarters, where the president of “Cor Unum,” Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes, will make a $250,000 donation on behalf of Pope Benedict XVI towards rebuilding St. Francis de Sales school in Port-au-Prince. The school was destroyed in the devastating earthquake last January.

The statement also announced that a second donation of an unspecified amount will be delivered in the Holy Father’s name to the local chapter of Caritas that same evening.” – “Pope to Donate $250,000 to Rebuild Haitian School”, Catholic News Agency

I always like to follow the doings of the Holy Father and see what he is up to. I will be honest, I am really glad to see him donating money towards Haiti at this point because I feel like everybody has forgotten about the terrible disaster that devastated them. It’s been a few months now and people tend to move on with their lives at that point, even though Haiti still desperately needs help. I don’t think Pope Benedict could have really chosen to give money to a better cause either. Schools are the foundation of every good society, and if Haiti wants to have any hope of rebuilding their country schools are without a doubt going to be vital in doing that.

Donation Given to an Aspiring Religious Woman

Over on US Catholic, I found this great article about a really wonderful story. I thought it was worth reading and hopefully you give it a chance too!

“More than $50,000 in student loan debt stood in the way of the 23-year-old Indiana teacher fulfilling her desire to serve God and the church as a member of the Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, based in Steubenville, Ohio.

But 10 days after her story appeared in May 28 issue of The Criterion, Indianapolis archdiocesan newspaper, Prickel’s prayers were answered in a dramatic way.
On June 7, a woman called Prickel, a member of St. Anthony Parish in Morris, and told her she felt that she was supposed to pay off her debt. The woman wanted to know the exact amount needed to do that, and asked to meet Prickel later that day.

When Prickel met the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, she gave the aspiring religious a cashier’s check for approximately $52,000.” – “Anonymous Gift Allows Indiana Teacher to Pay Debt, Enter Religious Life”

It’s stories like these that make me remember that the world still has a slight hope of being a good place. Most of the time you hear a story about a generous donation such as this, the person giving the donation is not kept anonymous and reaps praise and fame from being so kind. However, this is the ultimate form of selflessness as this woman who gave $52,000 of her own money wants to be kept unknown. She acted on a gut feeling telling her that she should do this deed and help out a woman she didn’t even know. Helping out somebody aspiring to live a religious life is a great deed indeed, and just reading about this story made me happy.