Should We Allow Our Kids To Pursue Their Dreams?

I recently came across a post that I thought was fantastic. Its title is, “Pursuing YOUR Path Is About You.” The post reminded me of one of the most interesting and complex issues that parents are facing nowadays, which is whether they should allow their kids to pursue their passion or guide them towards a stable, good-paying career. Should we allow our kids to pursue their dreams? Well, when put that way it would seem silly to say no.

There is no doubt that every loving parent wants nothing but the best for their child. However, it is often this strong desire to make sure that our kids have the best that can cause rifts in the parent-child relationship. Why? Because children who end up living unfulfilled lives sometimes hold resentment against their parents for forcing them into something that they did not really want to do. There are also numerous cases of children who were given liberty by their parents to follow their passion who ended up living difficult and miserable lives. It goes both ways here. So should we allow our kids to pursue their dreams?

Honestly, I am conflicted on this topic. I know that I should let my kids follow their dreams, but I also want to give them good guidance in life. Just another predicament of parenting I suppose. What do you think about this topic?