How Would You Run Your Own Catholic School?

I went to a Catholic school growing up, and I believe that the education I received shaped the rest of my life. It was a much different experience than those who went to public school received, and I really think that above everything else my discipline is much better than those who attended public school. That discipline has taken me far in life, and I think that a structured, Catholic education is to thank for that.

I read a post on Ignitum Today titled, “If I Were a Principal at a Catholic School I Would…”. The article gave a top ten list of the things the author would do for his Catholic school. I thought some of his ideas were pretty good like still teaching at least one class per day even though he would be the principal. Also making sure that the faculty was Catholic was a priority for him. That sounds basic, but isn’t always the case anymore at Catholic schools. The rest of his ideas were pretty good too. What would you do as the principal of a Catholic school?

How Young is Too Young to Use an iPad?

With tablets becoming even more popular after this holiday season I think it is time to wonder, are these things really good for young kids? Sure, they have a ton of educational apps and those are all great. They can also help to give overwhelmed parents a break by letting the kids be safely occupied. However, how young is too young to be using an iPad? Adults in the world today are seemingly addicted to their screens. Whether it’s a laptop, smartphone, or tablet it seems that everybody is always on some sort of device. Does this mean that children will be raised on these devices? I love the educational value of things like the iPad, but I wonder if there are also negatives people are overlooking.

I read a story about why your 2 year old doesn’t need an iPad and realized a negative aspect of kids using devices like these. The blog post was about how a mom let her 2 year old use her iPad for fun one afternoon. It went great and her daughter became an instant fan of the iPad. However, the next few days her daughter wanted no part of any other game, only the iPad. This sort of technology addiction could be dangerous. Is there a way to limit young children’s use of the iPad or do parents have to hide iPads from them until they are older? These are all things I wonder about with this new technology.

Easing the Stress of Saving for College

A daunting task that parents have to think about is how they will save money to send their child to college. Having a college education in today’s world is an important facet in most adult’s lives. However, the cost of these college educations has done nothing but soar in recent decades. This creates a difficult situation for parents and their children too because they end up saddled with mountainous debts for years. People continue to find ways to send their children to college though, but if you are looking for some ideas we can help you out.

I read an article called, “The Top 10 Tips for Saving Money for College”, and I thought they made some good suggestions. Some of the best ideas that they suggested were making a habit of saving, starting early, and getting your kids involved in the saving when they begin working. All of these things will make paying for college that much easier.

The Real Value of a Degree

On Deacon Greg Kandra’s blog, we found this insightful article discussing the merits of a college/university degree.  In it, Deacon Greg corroborates the thoughts of another article, in which the author stresses the importance of looking beyond a higher institutionalized education.  Instead, both the author and Deacon Greg urge one must find personal value beyond a diploma, particularly by finding ones faith and grace.

Naturally,  I agree that a person’s worth extends far beyond a diploma.  Additionally, in our increasingly competitive job market, diplomas and CVs and accolades are given tremendous thought and value, though these things alone are not necessarily indicative of a person’s intelligence, potential, or personality. I believe people absolutely must strive be to well-rounded, not just simply degree-laden.

With that being said however, of course receiving a degree is highly beneficial!And in today’s world, it is slowly but surely creeping towards “necessary” in many situations that traditionally would not call for such academic requirements (ever hear the phrase “bachelor degrees are the new high school diplomas”?!).  Thus, the key is to put that degree to good use!  Earning a degree for the sake of holding a piece of paper in ones hand is pointless; instead, use the education to better the world, help others, and in turn–add more value to yourself as a person, not simply a graduate.