The Responsibility to Listen to Our Children

I know that I recently posted about the importance of spending playtime with your kids. I hope you won’t mind me writing about something similar to that topic–the importance of listening to your children. I just can’t help it, the moment I read the post, Why It’s So Important to Listen to Your Children, I knew I just had to share my own two cents on the matter.

As a parent, I know it can be difficult to juggle all the responsibilities that come with the role. However, we should not forget that as important as our responsibility to provide food, clothing, and shelter to our children is, our responsibility to listen attentively to them is just as important. The simple act of hearing what our kids have to say is a major tool by which we can show our love for them.

By lending them our undivided attention whenever they need it, we are making them feel valued. Also, by willingly listening to them, we are instilling in their minds that we want them to express their emotions to us. You see, when we listen to the small stuff while they are young, when they grow up, they will come back to us to talk about the bigger things. I think that is something every parent hopes for.

Increasing Your Child’s Confidence: Listening and Encouraging

Children thrive when they believe they are succeeding. No matter how small an accomplishment is, it is really important to encourage them and praise them for doing well. If they helped you out around the house, thank them for their help. Make them know that you appreciate them and that they did a great job.

A recent post on Positive Parenting Solutions titled, “4 Phrases Kids Need to Hear” talks about ways to increase your child’s confidence. Their tips include listening, encouraging, and praising.

How do you encourage your child’s behavior?