Catholic Convert Eric Neubauer and His Amazing Story

I think it is always nice to hear from people who have converted to Catholicism. Being raised as a Catholic I don’t necessarily have the exact same experiences as them, and I love hearing about what drew them to convert and join the Church. It is amazing to hear their stories, and how much their change has affected their life. Often these are stories that inspire me to become more faithful, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the inspiration.

I recently read a post titled, “5 Year Later: An Inspired Catholic Convert”, and felt that it was worth sharing on the blog. The author Eric Neubauer has now been a Catholic for five years, and he has truly amazing story. Eric has already done so much for the Church, and this post describes his plans to do even more. He really is an impressive individual, and you should take some time to read about his conversion story and plans.