Show on ETWN about Catholic and Christian Persecution Worldwide

This posting from ETWN was alarming to see. I had really no idea how much hatred for Catholicism and Christianity exists in the world. I mean there are people against the Catholic Church in America, and they may make verbal attacks upon it. This is a whole new realm of hatred though, people are being brutally beaten and killed for their faith. This show apparently goes into what happens to these people, and what can be done to put it to a stop. I think everybody should try and tune in and watch this show. It really seems worthwhile.

“Imagine being thrown into a hole in the ground or a metal trailer for months on end – being baked in 120 degree heat — and later becoming blind after being pulled from this darkness into bright light. Your crime? Reading the Bible. This is just one of many stories of Christian persecution relayed in “The Suffering Church,” a 13-part original series, which will begin airing in September exclusively on EWTN Global Catholic Network.

Most Catholics think religious persecution reached its zenith during the Roman Empire, when Nero set Christians ablaze and used them as torches or fed them to the lions. However, the truth is that more Christians have died for their faith in the 20th Century than in ALL the preceding centuries put together.

Watch “The Suffering Church” to learn the truth about Christian persecution in China, Burma, North Korea, Pakistan, Vietnam/Laos, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, Eritrea/Ethiopia, India, and Sri Lanka – and, most importantly, what you can do to help. This series is part of EWTN’s continuing commitment to shining the light on Catholic social justice concerns around the world.

The series is hosted by Lord David Alton, a member of the British Parliament, who launched “Jubilee Campaign UK” in 1987. That campaign has resulted in more than 150 members of Parliament “adopting” cases of religious discrimination around the world.

Lord Alton’s guests, who have dedicated their lives to intervening in such cases, include Ann Buwalda, an immigration attorney in Northern Virginia who founded the U.S. branch of the Jubilee Campaign in the early 90s, and top figures from Aid to the Church in Need, the Institute on Religion and Public Policy, Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights, American Center for Law & Justice, and many, many more.” – “ETWN’s New Series, ‘The Suffering Church’, Reveals the Truth About Catholic/Christian Persecution Around the World”, ETWN