Growing the Catholic Social Media Presence

As you know we have had several author interviews featured on My Catholic Blog. So many of them have talked about the different ways to Evangelize, and how important it is that we as Catholics do this. Part of getting the Church to grow is adapting to the new ways that people are now receiving their information. This certainly means the Internet, and not just blogs such as this one. People spend hours a day on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

I read a post about the theology of social media on Catholic Web Solutions. The post talks about ways in which Catholics can utilize social media to spread the word of God. It also talks about how huge of an asset a social media presence can have. They link to a free eBook that offers ideas and ways to use your social media presence for God. It seemed like a pretty cool idea so I thought I would share it with you all.

Using Film as a Tool for Evangelization

Another way that can help to spread the word of God in the Year of Faith is film. Whether it is a short video clip or a feature length film, visual representation of faith is powerful. You can see examples of visual representation being powerful in modern books that have been made into movies. Books like The Hunger Games and all the Harry Potter books have been made into film to further the reach of their story. Spreading the Catholic faith should be no different.

I read a post titled, “Film and Faith” recently that talked about this topic. The post features clips from Jesus of Nazareth and a new movie set to come out The Bible. The post talks about the power of film has to evangelize, and how modern technology helps that. When a movie is really well done, good film quality etc., people are more inclined to watch it. I am interested to see how the History Channel interprets things with their new film The Bible.