Be the Good Person That You Want Your Child to Be

Parents all want their children to “treat others as you want them to treat you”, however sometimes parents don’t give their children a very good example to emulate. Children are the greatest imitators in the world, even better than that guy Frank Caliendo who pretends to be George Bush and John Madden. Children thrive upon imitation especially when they are young, but it is apparent as they grow up as well. I read a post titled, “Be the Person You Want Your Child to Become” recently and it made me think about this.

The post gives examples of how you should act if you want your child to show traits like integrity, respect, trust, and good listening skills. Your child might develop these skills even if you do not display them ever, but they have much greater odds if you show them these traits in your relationship. You need to be respectful of your child for them to respect you. I suggest reading the article linked to above, it was a great read.