Words Don’t Mean What They Used To

It amazes me the connotations that go along with a word or group of words sometimes. There are words and phrases in English that don’t even mean what they used to anymore. A post on Authentic Parenting opened my eyes to this issue. The post is titled “Fat is Just a Word”, and talks about how fat has become synonymous with some things it doesn’t really mean. “Fat is the opposite of beautiful, fat is the opposite of active, fat is the opposite of smart. In a nutshell, fat is the epitome of all negative qualities one can attribute to a person.” This is not what the word means at, and while fat is the opposite of thin it shouldn’t have the other meanings that were described in the article.

The author then went on to talk about her daughter, who has been raised in Africa her whole life. The word fat in Africa is an sign of prosperity and well being. It was really eye opening to see how American culture has turned a word into such a demeaning and monstrous phrase.