Father Stanley Rother May be Canonized a Saint

“The archdiocesan phase of Fr. Stanley Rother’s cause for canonization came to a close in a Mass this week at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Oklahoma City. The local archbishop expressed his conviction during the homily that the missionary is both a martyr and a saint.

Fr. Rother spent 13 years in Guatemala as a parish priest in Santiago Atitlan, a small town caught up in the country’s civil war in the 1970s and 80s. Aware that his life was in danger he returned to Oklahoma in Jan. 1981, but went back to Guatemala months later after recognizing that his heart was with the people.

He was assassinated on July 28, 1981 by three men who broke into the mission rectory.

Fr. Rother’s cause for canonization was initiated in Oct. 2006 when Archbishop of Oklahoma City, Most Rev. Eusebius J. Beltran, commissioned a committee to collect information about his life and the circumstances that led to his death. He also contracted a canon lawyer, Dr. Andrea Ambrosi, to act as postulator in Rome.

To make beatification possible, the postulator must now prove to the Vatican congregation for saints that Fr. Rother was killed solely for his faith, that his death was violent and that he accepted such a death for the faith.” – “Canonization cause for Murdered Oklahoma Priest Moves to Rome”, Catholic News Agency

After reading this over on Catholic News Agency, there is no doubt in my mind that Father Rother should be canonized. He gave all that he had to Guatemala and its people and he died trying to help them and their faith as Christians. Hopefully whoever makes the final decision on this matter sees eye to eye with me. No matter what I will forever remember Father Rother as a great man and a saint in my heart even if the attempts to have him canonized fail. He deserves respect from everybody, and we could all take a lesson away from the great deeds Father Rother did while he was alive.