Using Film as a Tool for Evangelization

Another way that can help to spread the word of God in the Year of Faith is film. Whether it is a short video clip or a feature length film, visual representation of faith is powerful. You can see examples of visual representation being powerful in modern books that have been made into movies. Books like The Hunger Games and all the Harry Potter books have been made into film to further the reach of their story. Spreading the Catholic faith should be no different.

I read a post titled, “Film and Faith” recently that talked about this topic. The post features clips from Jesus of Nazareth and a new movie set to come out The Bible. The post talks about the power of film has to evangelize, and how modern technology helps that. When a movie is really well done, good film quality etc., people are more inclined to watch it. I am interested to see how the History Channel interprets things with their new film The Bible.

Opening This Week: ‘The Rite’

“The Rite,” the new movie starring Anthony Hopkins, is set to open this Friday.  According to Catholic News Agency:

“The Rite” follows skeptical seminary student Michael Kovak (O’Donoghue), who is sent to study exorcism at the Vatican in spite of his own doubts. Anthony Hopkins plays a character by the name of Fr. Lucas – an Italian priest and veteran exorcist – who befriends Michael and helps open his eyes to reality of demon possession and the need for rite in the modern world.

The film is inspired by the 2009 book The Rite: The making of a modern exorcist in which journalist Matt Baglio chronicles a priest’s apprenticeship with a local exorcist.

Though the movie is of course suspenseful at some points and even ‘thrilling,’  ultimately it is a story of faith, and the immense powers it can hold.

Pope Benedicts Five Years of Papacy on Film

This post from Catholic News Agency shows a good outlook on how Pope Benedict XVI actually views his position in the Catholic Church, which I find to be extremely interesting seeing as his is the only living person who can give this viewpoint. I would most enjoy viewing the film about the five years of Benedict XVI’s papacy, as I enjoy historical documents and videos very much.

“Nobody could lead the Church without the assistance of God, said Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday. After seeing a film highlighting important moments in his ministry and the life of the Church from the last five years, the Pope observed that the Church is young and full of variety and that the role of the Successor of Peter is making the unity within it concrete and visible.

The Holy Father watched the movie “Five Years: Pope Benedict XVI,” produced by the Bavarian public broadcasting company Bayerischer Rundfunk, on Thursday evening at Castel Gandolfo. On Friday morning, the Vatican released his commentary made immediately after the screening.

Having taken in the images from the first five years of his pontificate, Benedict XVI expressed his appreciation to all who were involved in making the film, which was an “extraordinary spiritual journey” that affords the possibility of “reliving and seeing again” the most important moments in the Church and his ministry since his election.

“For me personally, it was very moving to see some moments, especially those in which the Lord put the Petrine service on my shoulders, a weight that no one could carry by himself with solely his own strength, but can carry only because the Lord carries us and carries me,” said the Pope.” – “Benedict XVI Reflects on Pope’s Role in the Church” – Catholic News Agency