Flu Season Causing Minor Changes in Some Parish’s Communion

Some parishes across the country have been modifying Communion recently because the particularly bad outbreak of the flu that has been occurring. Some Catholic Churches have put a temporary hiatus on the sharing of the chalice during Mass. This is obviously in an attempt to cut down on the odds that people will infect one another with the flu. The temporary modifications don’t stop with the chalice though. Some churches have also decided to have its parishioners only exchange a verbal gesture instead of a handshake during Mass.

I suppose that you really cannot be too careful with the flu being as bad as it has been the last few weeks. Some of these parishes got word from their diocese to put these changes into effect, but others took matters into their own hands to prevent sickness. The modifications have been met with little to no resistance because people can see the common sense behind them. In due time Mass will be back to business as usual.

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Preventing Family Sickness: Cold and Flu Season is Back

It’s that time of year again, flu season! Parents know that the months between October and March can bring about some nasty sicknesses. I’m not talking about simply a cold either we mean the flu, strep throat, and worse. Getting through this time of year without having a house wide outbreak should be considered a true blessing. Make sure you and your family are all taking multivitamins daily and extra doses of vitamin-C rich foods and drinks will not hurt either.

You can only try to prevent sickness though and even do a great job somebody will get sick. A post from Shopaholic Mommy recently talked about some top tips for surviving cold and flu season. If you want to prevent sickness in your family or know how to handle sickness when it happens this is a good article to read.