Second Harvest Food Bank Focuses on the Kids

Catholic News Agency featured this article today that made a great point I never even considered before. Children may be suffering from malnutrition as a result of school’s summer vacations.

Second Harvest Food Bank is filling a need that sometimes gets overlooked during the summer: ensuring that New Orleans children have nutritional food at least during the week.

Tony Biggs, director of culinary operations at Second Harvest, has helped develop an eight-week Summer Feeding program whereby breakfast and lunch are served to low-income children.

Leslie Doles, director of communications and public relations for Second Harvest, an affiliated corporation of Catholic Charities, said there is a real need for this program.

“Federally funded breakfast and lunch programs are important,” Doles said. “When schools are out for the summer, some kids don’t know when they will have their next meal because they lose their two meals a day through the free or reduced-price lunch programs at school. We are that safety net, filling that need they are not getting.”” – “New Orleans summer food program fills big need”

The full version of this article, click here, goes on to state that only “13 percent of children receiving free and reduced lunch in Second Harvest’s service area have access to a summer feeding program.” This fact was absolutely appalling to me and I am glad to see this program taking initiative and doing something about it. Children, of all people, should have the stability of knowing they will be fed in the twenty four hours a day holds. This program was started on a trial basis in 2007, and has seen success so more plans are being drawn up to expand upon what is already being done. This article was a great, informative read and made me happy to see that efforts are being made to make sure children are receiving proper meals while the schools are closed for summer.