Growing Older: Aging Has Hidden Blessings Along the Way

People typically don’t look forward to aging. In fact to most people birthdays become somewhat of a bummer because of the reminder of how many years they’ve been around. I think people look at it the wrong way though and so does Charlie Palmer of Grand Magazine.

Charlie recently wrote an article “Next Time Someone Tells You Grandparents are Old” that highlights what he loves about growing older. Sure life has its ups and downs, but overall he feels that growing older has allowed him to be more positive.

Maybe we all have it wrong when we don’t look forward to getting older. The best could be yet to come as they say.

Reading to Your Child From Miles Away: Be There Bedtime Stories

We recently posted about teaching your child to read here on My Catholic Blog and this post is also related to that topic. Teaching your child to read is truly important to their growth as a person. If you are a parent, grandparent, brother, or sister reading with a younger member of your family is not only a good chance for them to learn, but also a great opportunity to bond and spend time together. Cherish the time that you get to spend together and never turn down a request from a young child to be read a story.

Catholic Mom featured a post written by Jennifer Gladen recently about Be There Bedtime Stories. These books let you record yourself reading a story so that you can send it to a loved one. This is a great idea for parents who travel a lot, or grandparents who do not live close to their grandchildren. There is something special about hearing somebody’s voice that makes me feel like Be There Bedtime Stories would be a big hit with kids.

What do you think about Be There Bedtime Stories? Would you ever send one to a son, daughter, or grandchild?