Parenting Tip: How to Save Money During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here again, and for many families out there it can be a struggle. The commercialized monster that Christmas has become presents a big issue for parents who have difficulties making ends meet. Let’s not forget what Christmas is really about this year, and remember that a thoughtful gift is the best gift. It might not be the easiest to convey that message to your children, but it is a lost concept that I think should be ingrained into society more.

I recently read a post on JBM Thinks titled, “Money Saving Holiday Tips for Parents”. The article might be able to give you some good ideas about how to make it all come together this holiday season!

What methods do you use at home to save money around this time of year?

How to Get Your Children in the Giving Spirit This Holiday Season

Something that all parents strive to instill in their children is drive to care about others. Teaching your child how to care for others is very important to their growth and development into an adult. It can be really tough to teach your child to think of others first because even adults do not behave in that manner all the time. Setting a good example for your children by being as selfless as possible is a good start.

A recent post on JBM Thinks talked about a plan to teach your children how to give during the holiday season. Janis, the blog’s author, also feels that teaching kids to care about others before themselves can be a truly difficult task. She also pointed out that it can be even harder to do this during the holiday season. Her idea to teach a great lesson in giving this holiday season was to participate in Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas child gives gifts to children in other countries. There are also many other programs similar to this one, and I agree that getting involved with a program like this is a good way to get your child in the giving spirit!

Have you ever participated in a program like Operation Christmas Child? What was it called and how can you become a part of it?