Are You A Hyper-Competitive Parent?

We are all proud of our children. It is normal for parents to see our children as the best in the world, in the same way that kids think that their parents are the best moms and dads out there. There are some of parents who go beyond the modest feeling of basic parental pride and think that no other child can be better (in any situation) than their own. You know those kind of parents who constantly push their children to do better than everyone else and then brag about the latter’s accomplishments.

I read a post this morning about Parenting Comptetion and it reminded me of how ugly it is to see a hyper-competitive parent in action.

All parents want nothing but the best for our children. We want them to become the best individuals they can be, that is why we try to guide, empower, and motivate them to make the most out of their gifts and talents. However, a lot of us lose sight of these sincere goals along the way and become obsessed with the euphoric feeling we get when our children achieve something. Suddenly, nothing else matters to us but winning or being the best. We forget about the importance of enjoyment, interaction, and many other important values.

Try to examine yourself today. Are you pushing your children to do certain things to make them feel better about themselves or to make you feel better about yourself? If your answer is the second of those two, you might be a hyper-competitive parent, but don’t worry! None of us is without flaw!