The Price To Pay For Having Children

Being a parent, and more specifically a mother is hard. For most women the decision to have kids comes with the need to cut back on personal splurges, spend less time hanging out with friends, give up the quiet and organized living space, and at times, even put their professional careers to a halt. Yes the price to pay for deciding to bring kids into this world is high, but I would say from the depths of my heart that it is the best decision I have made in my entire life.

It may sound cliche, but being a parent is truly the most rewarding experience in the entire world. It may have its own share of downsides like sleep deprivation, stress, exhaustion, being in a constant state of worry, a messy home, and a regular pileup of laundry. I think its rewards are numerous and priceless though!

Oh the joy of hearing your baby say “mama” for the first time, seeing him take his first steps, watching him discover new things on his own, having an endless supply of warm hugs and sweet smiles and seeing him grow to become a kind and loving person.

If you have been experiencing a parenting downtime, reading this post, Kids Are Worth It! may help you out.

Try to Cherish the Simple Joys of Parenting

Being a parent is not a joke. Often the responsibilities and duties attached to it make it a very exhausting, stressful, and overwhelming role to play. For this very reason, a lot of us see parenting as one complex job that needs to be taken seriously. Although this notion is not entirely wrong, this way of thinking often takes away from the priceless happiness of raising kids.

Sometimes we becomes so engrossed with the complexity of the tasks we need to fulfill, that we miss the simple pleasures of being a parent. A great deal of our time and attention is spent on finding the right parenting style, applying the best parenting practices and adopting the perfect parenting principles that we end up neglecting the priceless joys that only parents have the chance of enjoying.

A post entitled, Finding the Simple Joys gave me this beautiful wake up call this morning–to stop focusing too much on the “big and complex” things and appreciate the simple joys of parenting.