When We Make a Parenting Mistake

Reading this blog entry: “The Lesson I Learned from My Massive Motherhood Fail” put a big smile on my face today. It reminded me of a lot of things about how I am as a mom–imperfect, struggling, melodramatic and unforgiving to my self. But it also reminded me of how children are towards their moms–appreciative, forgiving, loving and adoring.

A lot of times mothers beat themselves up over our short-comings to our children. We allow the things that we did and failed to do as parents haunt us day and night because we believe that they mattered a lot to our children. While some things do matter to our kids, most of the time it’s only the parent that is mulling over them. When we make a parenting mistake it usually isn’t as bad as we make it out to be.

Carrying all those regrets will not make us better parents. So the best things to do when we make a parenting mistake is to contemplate over them, learn from them,¬†fix what we can, and then let the rest go. We should remember that no one parent is perfect, and all of us pretty much just learn as we go. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Just keep on doing the best that you can. Surely your kids see that.