All Mothers Need Christ

This entry today is inspired by a line I got from a blog post titled, “Learning through Motherhood.” It says, “Motherhood is too demanding to attempt without a deep connection to Christ.”

It would be an understatement to say that being a mother is hard. Motherhood will challenge you in every possible way–physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. There are no days off in motherhood, there are no vacations, no breaks; and surely on our own, we will find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. That is why we need Jesus more than ever in our lives. For it is only through his strength that we will be able to fulfill our duties as mothers and find lasting joy in motherhood. All mothers need Christ.

I understand that finding some alone time can be quite hard especially if your children are still young, but we really should devote some time to commune with the Lord–draw strength and inner peace from him. In Philippians 4:13 it says, “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

What It Takes To Be A Mother

I saw a very uplifting quote today, from a post called, “Motherhood Matters,” and I just couldn’t resist sharing it. It says:

Motherhood takes…

the wisdom of Solomon,

the strength of Samson,

the patience of Job,

the faith of Abraham,

the insight of Daniel,

and the courage of David.

–William Ross Wallace

Indeed, being a mother requires a lot of things. Motherhood gives us responsibilities that we have to fulfill 24/7, puts us in constant motion,puts us through a great deal of stress, and makes us vulnerable. Sadly the efforts of mothers are often left unappreciated. Our desires as mothers are not really affirmations or compliments, but to be able to see our children grow to be faith-filled, respectful, and happy individuals.

I pray that the Lord will continue to sustain me in my efforts to raise my children the right way. I acknowledge that without the guidance and help of the Lord, I will not be able to have everything that I need to be a good and effective mother.

What Kind of Mother Are You?

A post I read this morning titled “The Kind of Mother…” made me evaluate the type of mother that I am. I asked myself quite a handful of questions, but one of the questions I had a really hard time answering was this: “Did I turn out to be the kind of mother I always wished to be?”

Ever since I was mature enough to feel the want for children, I was certain about what kind of mother I want to become. I wanted to be the perfect combination of a parent and best friend. I want to be a figure of authority and my child’s role model, but I also want to be my child’s most trusted confidante, most loyal supporter, and most dependable ally.

So did I turn out to be this kind of mother? Hmmmmm. I don’t know. Perhaps, I am not really the right person/s to answer this question.

Praying To Be A Faithful Mother

A mother will influence her child probably more than anybody else they will ever meet in their entire life. It is often said that a child’s faith, values, and characteristics greatly reflect that of his mother’s. These very statements scare me. They make me question my faith, my virtues, and whether I am living a life that is worth emulating.

It is my earnest desire to see my children grow up to be successful, fulfilled, kind-hearted, and happy individuals. But more importantly, I want them to live a life that is in line with Christ’s. I pray everyday that the Lord will strengthen their faith and keep them close to Him as they journey through this life.

But a reading this morning called, “Six lessons from the first woman I ever loved” made me realize that there was something lacking in my prayer for my children, which is strength for my own faith.

I want to be one of those faithful mothers who their children praise the Lord for when they grow old and have a family of their own. With God’s grace, I know I can be that kind of momma!

Let the Mother Without Fault Cast the First Stone

I never understand why some mothers find it necessary or even fun to judge other mothers. I mean, all of us must know how difficult, scary, and isolating it is to be a Mom. So how can some mothers have the heart to cut another struggling mom down and make her feel like she is doing a terrible job.

I my kid so much, and I work very hard to make sure that they feel safe, loved, cared for all the time. So, I would really feel hurt if someone came up to me and told me that how I raise my children is wrong. My parenting practices are important to me. I have thought and prayed about them and I believe that they are certainly what is right for my kids.

However, although I have my own “right way” of parenting, I do not look at the ways of other mothers as wrong. As I have my own reasons for choosing my methods and practices, I am sure they have their own great reasons too. I believe that no loving mother would be purposefully making wrong decisions for their kids. I have the right to think that how I choose to raise my kids is the best way for me, but that certainly does not give me the right to think of others’ choices as inferior.

If you have the same sentiments on the mom wars that have been going on online, “Don’t Judge My Mommy!” is a post you would certainly want to read.

Parental Leave: More Dad’s are Taking Time Off When Kids are Born

We are used to living in a world where a woman has a child and she goes on maternity leave. The world has been slowly changing its ways though and parental leave has become more common. Parental leave can be taken by a mother or father. The number of fathers going on parental leave is growing and I think this is tremendous. This is a societal norm that is slowly changing, and I think it is for the better.

Learn more about parental leave here: Dad’s Parental Leave

Mother Acquitted of Charges in Pakistan

“A judge has cleared a young mother of blasphemy charges in a major victory for persecuted Christians in Pakistan.

Mother of three Rubina Bibi, 25, was accused of defaming the Prophet Muhammad by a Muslim shopkeeper in Alipur Chattah, Gujranwala district, in March. She was arrested days later and imprisoned along with her youngest son.

She faced the death penalty if found guilty but session judge Mohammad Asghar Khan cleared her of wrongdoing during a lengthy hearing on Wednesday, where she was represented by Christian lawyers Joseph Francis and Tahir Bashir Gull.

The case was brought before the session judge after the lower district judge came under pressure from extremist groups and security at the hearing was tight following the recent murder of two Christian brothers outside a Faisalabad courthouse. Pastors Emmanuel and Sajid Masih, both accused of committing blasphemy, had just left a hearing when they were shot dead by masked gunmen, despite being under police escort.

Rubina was released from prison with her son on Thursday. She is the third person in Alipur Chattah to be accused of blasphemy. In 1999, Hussain Masih and his son Isaac were arrested for blasphemy. The Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement represented them during their trial and the charges were eventually overturned by a judge.” – “Judge Acquits Young Mother Charged with Blasphemy in Pakistan”, Christian Today

This post is from Christian Today, and it made me very glad to hear this news. Christians have been suffering in Pakistan for quite some time now. The level of religious tolerance there is extraordinarily low and Christians have been taking a lot of heat in recent months. Murders have taken place recently and this story almost veered down the same unjust path. I was glad to read about this mother being acquitted of the ridiculous charges she was being pressed with.