Schedule a Monthly Night Out with Your Spouse

Parents lead busy lives during the week, and even on the weekend the responsibilities don’t stop. The kids always have obligations such as play dates, soccer games, and dance class amongst many other activities. Once in a while parents need to get a sitter for the evening or take the kids to their grandparents house and do something for themselves. You can go to dinner and a movie, a sports games, or basically anything that you will enjoy as a couple. Doing activities without your children is part of a healthy marriage. Getting together with other friends you have is also something that you might want to include into this night without the kids. Socializing and spending time with friends is tough when your life is so busy with work, kids, and everything else, but when you get an opportunity to go out make the most of it!

I read a post on The Mommmy Bunch recently titled, “Monthly Game Night with Friends”. This post is an absolutely perfect example of parents making the most out of their monthly night out. They had a great idea too with the game night. They made use of their Playstation 3 and downloaded the Wheel of Fortune game to play with their friends. Its sounds like they had a wonderful time, and I figured I would share their post here to show you it is possible to make these nights happen!