Christians Shot in Pakistan

I found this post on Christian Today this morning. It was deeply saddening to see this news story, and I encourage you all to pray for the families of these two men who lost their lives.

“Two Christians accused of blasphemy in Pakistan were killed as they left a courthouse Monday afternoon, reports a Christian persecution watchdog group shortly after the incident.

Police were transporting Pastor Rashid Emmanuel and his brother, Sajid Emmanuel, from the court in Faisalabad to jail when masked gunmen opened fire, killing the two Christians and seriously wounding a policeman accompanying them before getting away, reported Washington-based International Christian Concern.

The brothers had been arrested on July 2 after being accused of writing a pamphlet with blasphemous remarks about the Muslim Prophet Muhammad – a crime punishable by death in Pakistan.” – “Masked Gunmen Shoots Down Two Pastors in Pakistan”, Christian Today

This was some extremely sad news indeed. Apparently it is uncertain whether the men accused of these blasphemous statements about Muhammed actually made the statements at all. The are rumors circulating that the men were falsely accused of these crimes so they could be taken to court. It does make sense, after all if these two men distributed a pamphlet that ridiculed Muhammed, which is a known crime in Pakistan, I’m pretty sure they would not have let any information get into it that could trace the pamphlets back to them. Either way these men’s families deserve our prayers in this time of devastating sadness they must be enduring.