Keeping Fit with a Newborn Baby Around is Possible

It is tough to be a new parent. Babies all have strange sleeping schedules and need plenty of attention. This can cause a gigantic lack of sleep, as we all know. I read about a mom who is still keeping up with her workouts even though her baby is only 11 weeks old. Her and her husband have been working to get their daughter to sleep in a more regular fashion.

This post called, “Sleep, Workouts and More New Mom Things”, talks all about the author Nicole’s attempts to get her baby to sleep and also her new workouts. She has been doing 30 minute video workouts while her baby naps. I respect her work ethic so much, and I felt that sharing the link to her story might be able to motivate some moms and dads out there who have fallen out of their workout routine.

Parental Leave: More Dad’s are Taking Time Off When Kids are Born

We are used to living in a world where a woman has a child and she goes on maternity leave. The world has been slowly changing its ways though and parental leave has become more common. Parental leave can be taken by a mother or father. The number of fathers going on parental leave is growing and I think this is tremendous. This is a societal norm that is slowly changing, and I think it is for the better.

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