Surf Contest Run by Nuns

“American nuns are to host a Nun’s Beach Surf Invitational in New Jersey, to raise funds for the maintenance of their mother house.

Sister James Dolores, 73, from the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, says: “I’m really getting the hang of this. No one ever thought they’d see me on a board.”

Pictured in the New York Post posing on a surfboard on the beach, the nun has a special relationship with local surfers, said the report. It was forged more than 60 years ago when local surfers approached the nuns’ beach-front retreat asking if they could ride its waves.

The nuns warmly greeted the beach bums, and the swath of surf was soon dubbed “Nun’s Beach.” The sisters often sit on the beach and even draw spiritual inspiration watching the wave-riders.

“It’s very peaceful,” said Sister James, the retreat’s property manager. “You see how the water holds them up, balances them and if you ride with the water, it will get you where you want to go. That’s how it is with the grace of God.”

Bill Deger, now 64, and his surfing buddies once coaxed an 83-year-old nun onto a surfboard.

“One of her life’s dreams was to be able to surf,” Deger, 64, said of the late Sister Loyola. “So we got her out in knee-deep water and held her on. She loved it. It was an incredible experience.”

But in 1996, a small group of surfers led by Larry Gehrke and Deger decided it was time to give back to the nuns – by running a contest to help fund the retreat’s upkeep.” – “US Nuns to Host Surfing Contest”, CathNews

CathNews posted this article recently and I thought it was such a wonderful story to hear about. These nuns have been allowing surfers on their beach for years now, and it has become somewhat of a tradition it seems like. The headline really just caught my eye because I would never expect nuns to be hosting a surf contest. I would never think surfing and religious life would come together for much of anything really, but this was a pleasant surprise to hear about.

Nuns of Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation Sign to Decca Records

This story was way too awesome to not share with everybody. A group of nuns who do not even leave the confines of their own convent have signed to a major record label. I personally would never expect this to happen, but the nuns do have a point. If their music helps people and brings them happiness and peace, why would they not share their talents with the world. I think it is great that religious music can still sign to a label that produces pop music acts and other mainstream music.

“The nuns hope the album will help people ‘find peace’

An order of Benedictine nuns has signed a major record deal with the company behind Lady Gaga, it has been revealed.

The Nuns of the Abbaye de Notre-Dame de l’Annonciation, from France, won a global search of more than 70 convents across Europe, the US and Africa.

The reclusive order, based near Avignon, were deemed to have the finest Gregorian Chant singers.

They have signed a deal with Decca Records, part of Universal Music, which counts Lady Gaga and U2 among its acts.

The nuns’ ancient order dates back to the 6th Century and they follow a tradition of leading a hidden life behind closed doors.

The Reverend Mother Abbess said: “We never sought this, it came looking for us.

“At first we were worried it would affect our cloistered life, so we asked St Joseph in prayer. Our prayers were answered, and we thought that this album would be a good thing if it touches people’s lives and helps them find peace.”

The nuns are self-sufficient and include a plumber, an engineer, an electrician, a silk-weaver and a dental assistant.

But their strict rules meant that even Decca Records managing director Dickon Stainer was unable to enter their home to congratulate them.” – “Major Record Deal for Reclusive Benedictine Nuns”, BBC News

American Catholic Nuns Being Recognized

This article comes from Catholic Answers Forum and was pretty cool I thought. Women do not get the recognition they truly deserve in America, and nuns receive even less. This was great to see nuns getting recognized for all their efforts throughout American history.

“Women & Spirit is a museum exhibit which started at the Smithsonian Institution and is currently touring the US. It shows how Catholic sisters have been involved in shaping the US over the past 300 years.

“It’s really amazing to see all they’ve done for our country,” Smithsonian spokeswoman Becky Haberacker told Catholic News Service during a recent tour of the exhibit, which made its Washington debut Jan. 15. “It’s also really interesting to find out how rugged they are. That just isn’t something I imagined before when I thought about nuns.”

The exhibit includes an 1804 letter from President Thomas Jefferson to an Ursuline nun, braided corn husk shoes worn by pioneer sisters, the nurse’s bag of a nun used during the Civil War and student work from the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the first all-black community.

Perceptions of women religious 300 years ago, and today, are often not accurate, Sister Annmarie said.

“So, we think this exhibit would show another side to what the public might normally perceive as the life of Catholic sisters.”” – “Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America”

I had no idea that nuns did so much for our country. While it all seems like behind-the-scenes work the nuns did, they have played their role in American history just like all the other famous historical figures.