Is It Better to Be a Parent at an Older Age?

Parents are becoming older than they used to be. Studies are showing that the average age of parents has risen recently. There are clear positives and negatives to this trend that I want to get into. Having older parents can mean more experienced parents. Older people (typically) are more financially stable, more patient, and have likely thought the decision to have kids through for many years. They also have probably been living in one spot for an extended period of time. The negatives to older parents have been coming up in studies lately. There have been developmental disorders with children born to older mothers. Older parents also means an increased risk that they might die in their child’s early years.

Overall, I think that having older parents is better. They are more responsible and stable individuals. To read more about this discussion check out a story titled, “The Case Against Older Parenting”.

Do you think it is a good thing that the average age of parents has gotten older?

Growing Older: Aging Has Hidden Blessings Along the Way

People typically don’t look forward to aging. In fact to most people birthdays become somewhat of a bummer because of the reminder of how many years they’ve been around. I think people look at it the wrong way though and so does Charlie Palmer of Grand Magazine.

Charlie recently wrote an article “Next Time Someone Tells You Grandparents are Old” that highlights what he loves about growing older. Sure life has its ups and downs, but overall he feels that growing older has allowed him to be more positive.

Maybe we all have it wrong when we don’t look forward to getting older. The best could be yet to come as they say.