Prayer is a Good Escape from Loneliness

This was a very cool post that I found over on Catholic News Agency. I like that fact that I can never be alone due to the Our Father. It has always been a favorite prayer of mine to say, and after reading this article I like it even more. Prayer is always a way to escape from loneliness and I think that more people should realize that. God is always there to be a friend if you want him in your life. This post reminded me of that so I thought I would share it with everybody.

“The “Our Father” helps us to confront the difficulties in our lives, said the Holy Father on Sunday. In reciting the prayer, we never find ourselves alone as our voices are “intertwined with that of the Church.”

This Sunday’s Angelus took place amidst the festive atmosphere of Castel Gandolfo’s “Sagra delle pesche,” an annual festival celebrating the local peach production. For the occasion, the Holy Father was presented with a basket of local white peaches which were blessed at a nearby parish, shortly before the Angelus.

During his catechesis, the Pope reflected on Sunday’s Gospel from Luke in which Jesus is asked by the disciples to teach them how to pray. To this, Benedict XVI said, “Jesus does not make objections, He does not speak of strange or esoteric formulas, but with great simplicity He says: ‘When you are praying, say, “Father…,’ and he taught the Our Father, taking it from his own prayer, with which he addressed God, his Father.”

We learn these words from St. Matthew’s Gospel from the time we are young, he pointed out. “They imprint themselves in our memory, mold our lives, they accompany us up to our last breath. They reveal that we are not already completely children of God, but we must become them and be them … through our ever deeper communion with Jesus.

“Being children becomes the equivalent of following Christ,” he said, quoting a passage from the first “Jesus of Nazareth” book.

The Our Father prayer “takes and also expresses” our human and spiritual needs, he explained, alluding to the phrase “Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins.”

The Pontiff noted that this “is not an ‘asking’ to satisfy one’s own wishes, as much rather as gaining from it friendship with God, who – as the Gospel says – “will give the Holy Spirit to those that ask it of him.” – “Through the ‘Our Father’ We are Never Alone Teaches Pope Benedict”, Catholic News Agency