Pope Benedict XVI’s Summer Plans

This post on Catholic News Agency informs us all about what the Pope will be up to for the summer. Just some interesting information and a look into the Holy Father’s life for all of you.

“Today, Pope Benedict broke with the tradition of his first five summers as Pope, which entailed heading to the mountains in the north of Italy. This year he will stay in the papal villa just minutes from Rome by helicopter.

According to a report from Marco Ansaldo in La Repubblica, the Pope’s days will begin with 7:30 a.m. Mass and then continue with time divided between study, meditation, prayer, music and writing.

Ansaldo said that the Pope has a twofold “ambitious objective” this summer: “beginning a new book on the Gospels of the infancy of Jesus and giving form to the first draft of his new encyclical, the fourth of his Pontificate.”

The encyclical, he reported, will likely be on “Faith.”” – “Pope heads to Castel Gandolfo to write new encyclical, book”

I thought that this was pretty interesting. It is good to be able to know what the Pope will be up to for the summer months, I like having a little look into what life as the Pope is really like. His choice to remain just minutes away from Rome also seems like a wise decision. He has a lot of work cut out for him so he should be busy. An encyclical and a book are not going to be writing themselves after all! I wish him luck and will keep him in my prayers, and I hope he accomplishes his summer goals.