Parenting Standards: Expect Great Things From Your Child and Yourself

As a parent it is crucial to have set standards that you will raise your child with. What you need to keep in mind is that there are two sets of standards that are involved with this ultimate standard of how you are raising your child. The first is the set of standards that you will hold yourself to as a parent. The second is the set of standards that you will grow to expect of your child. The two go hand in hand, you cannot expect a certain behavior from your child if you are not holding up your end of the bargain as a parent.

A post about common core standards for parents made me think of this. The post talked about important goals parents should have. The one that really was important to me was to make school more important than extra-curricular activities for your child. Too many times I have seen parents who do not care about their child’s grades as much as how they did in Friday night’s sport game. This is enabling the child to also not care about their grades.

What are your parenting standards? What do you expect from yourself, and what do you expect from your child?