Being the Bad Guy is Not Fun: Parenting

Have you reprimanded your son or daughter from playing video games all night or stopped them from going to an overnight sleepover at a friend’s house when “everybody was going”? I’m sure you have. What did your children do? Maybe some form of a  tantrum ensued. All parents know that when we see our children suffer we feel the pain a hundred times over. Restrictions, regulations, and discipline should be a part of how you raise your children. No matter how tiresome or painful it might become. Being the bad guy is not fun, but as a parent sometimes it is necessary.

There’s a great point stressed in the blog post Someday You’ll Thank Me:

“No matter the age of our kids, they need us to make decisions in their best interest. They need the wisdom and perspective that our longer lives and increased experience bring. They need us to offer advice, make rules, and keep them from harm. They need us to be their parents, not their friends — even if the thanks for those decisions never comes. “

I do believe that appreciation will come, when your children grows older, they will realize how thankful they are because you have helped made them a better person. Being the bad guy is not fun, but feeling that gratitude when your child has grown up and realized these things is rewarding.

Being a Good Parent Means Being a Good Role Model

How many times have you caught yourself sounding like your mother? It has been said many times that children are a reflection of their parents and this is true. Children mirror what their parents do, both the good and the bad. Being a good parent means being a good role model for your kids. Consciously and subconsciously your child keeps that memory of how you acted when you dealt with this and how you acted when you dealt with that. Later in life, those actions and even decisions will then be their exact guiding light as to how they will be solving their own problems. A great blog post You Are Their Role Model says:

“Those are “words” or “thoughts” embedded in your subconscious mind and will reveal themselves when a situation triggers the memory of a similar thought, feeling or a situation. The precise words that were used by your mum or dad that were in your subconscious mind will automatically reveal themselves.”

Lesson? Work hard to be a good role model to your children. These rules also apply for mom and dad more than it applies to their kids:

  • Mind your language
  • Be honest
  • Walk your talk
  • Keep your promises
  • Always do what is right and just

Needless to say, amazing children are products of equally amazing parents.

Keeping Germs Away From Your Baby

Babies are cute. This is the reason why a lot of people want to hold them, hug them, and carry them around. Holding and hugging a baby is a great way to express love and affection. However, you have to put some limits out there when it comes to your baby. The hands can carry a lot of germs that can be passed from one person to another. These germs can be passed on to your child if you are not careful. Keeping germs away from your baby is not a laughing matter. There are some great tips from a post titled Don’t Touch That Baby to help keep dirty hands from touching your baby. Here are some more:

  1. Keep a hand sanitizer or alcohol handy. If relatives want to hold your baby and you can’t stop them from doing it, then have them sanitize their hands before doing so.
  2. Have them use a baby blanket to cover their shirts. Make use of the baby blanket to cover their shirt before letting them carry your baby.

It might sound a bit paranoid but parents want nothing but the best for their kids, more so if it concerns their health. Keeping germs away from your baby should be a priority as a parent.

Your Children and The Internet: Pros and Cons

Is your child spending a lot of time on the internet? According to a post from Care2 titled, Children and Technology-Should You Be Concerned:

“Media technology is here to stay and has become a permanent part of our lives. But there is great concern about how it may be affecting our children.”

The use of the internet has concerned a lot of parents all over the world. Studies have been conducted to determine the positive and negative effects of internet use among children. Some of the positive effects of internet use are the following:

  • Research and learning are within reach
  • Makes communication easy
  • Learns about social issues and can easily get involved with it

Some of the negative effects are the following:

  • Decreases emotional and physical connection because of a more solitary form of play
  • Reduces physical form of play thus minimizing physical exercise for children
  • Poor development of social skills

According to experts, the key is to keep the use of the internet in moderation. Family internet filters should also be activated so that you are sure that your children’s surfing time are fun, productive and educational. Your children and the internet can have a good relationship where the web is used as a good tool for learning. It’s up to parents to foster this relationship.

Hugs Can Send Your Child a Message

Parenting is a really hard thing. Apart from the pressure and the responsibility that it puts on you, you need to make sure that you do your best to instill positive virtues and good behavior in your children. You need to become a good role model while you provide for all their needs. It might sound like a handful, but there is also a lot of fun along the way. Parenting is a learning process for both the parent and the child. I read a powerful story from The Better Mom titled If I Could Share a Parenting Secret. It talks about how they learned a good parenting approach from their son.

According to the blog, the surprising parenting secret that their son taught them is how valuable a hug can be! Hugs can send your child a message. In the post they talk about the different message it can send when you hug your child.

“A hug says so much to your child.

It says, I like being with you

and I like you just the way you are.

It says, I’m here for you

and I’ll always be there for you.

It says, I love you

and I know you love me too.”

The hug heals and encourages. It is actually recommended to hug your loved one at least once a day. Personally I recommend extra hugs, but that’s up to your discretion.

Preparing Children for School: Tips That Can Help

Many parents have great anxiety over preparing children school. It is important that you equip your child with the right preparation before sending them off. Proper preparation will give your child a heads-up and even a head start for the activities that he is expected to do at school. Preparing your child will:

  1. Reduce the level of anxiety
  2. Introduce your child to the kind of school activities that he is expected to do daily
  3. Let your child learn ahead thus making it easier for him to adjust to school activities
  4. Help him or her enjoy school

These are just some of the pros that preparing your child for school will do. A thorough list of how to prepare your child for school can be found in the post 20 Things You Gotta Do Before Your Kid Starts Kindergarten. Preparing your child for school also means getting him ready for the hours. So tuck him to bed early and prepare yourself for an early start in the morning. And yes, dreading the loss of summer starts here.

Keeping an Eye on Internet Use

You can find almost anything on the internet these days. You can shop online, work online, make reservations online. It’s actually a good thing that we can’t eat using the internet just yet. All kidding aside, my point is that the internet is useful in a lot of ways, but along with the usefulness comes an equal disadvantage. Children can be exposed to multitudes of things that can corrupt their young minds. Without properly monitoring your children’s activity over the internet, you might be shocked to find that the child that you are trying to protect and nurture is being corrupted by the evils of the world. This is done inside your own home! Just as you do not tolerate an actual person filling your children’s mind with evil notions, we should also not tolerate our computers and the internet hurting them in the same way. Keeping an eye on internet use is a very important aspect of parenting today.

How do you protect your child? There are 10 online safety tips suggested in a post called Internet Safety: A Warning to Parents & 10 Helpful Tips.

Here are some suggestions to ensure your child’s safe online browsing:

1. Keep the computer in a public area

2. Limit time online

3. Have a buddy system

4. Know what they are doing online

5. Know passwords and check accounts

Keeping an eye on internet use is a critical activity for all parents. Don’t neglect its importance!


Parenting Gets Me Worried Sometimes

Parenting gets me worried sometimes, and I know I’m not alone with that feeling. Parents keep track of anything and everything when it comes to their children. We always want to make sure that their physical and mental development are right on track, that they eat the right kind or food, and that they grow to be exactly how the book tells us they should. Often, we focus too much on what the book tells us. We pay less attention to reality. Books are ideal but like I always say, development and learning is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. We tend to worry whenever our child’s developmental milestone is not “on the date” and “by the minute” perfect.

With all these things worrying me, a blog post from Life Blessons titled The Promised Land of Parenting encourages parents to just relax, keep your cool, and focus on what matters most. What matters most do you say? Teaching your child to grow up and lead a happy lifestyle. Parenting gets me worried sometimes, and it was nice to read this post and remember it’s all going to be okay.

What to Do When a Child Swears

Parents and children sometimes argue about things. Okay, parents and children kind of argue about a lot of things. That’s the nature of the relationship, sometimes you disagree and sometimes you agree. You’ll always love each other though. A lot of parents want to know what to do when a child swears or uses a bad word.  Do you question where did I go wrong or think have I been a bad parent?

Not so fast! The truth is there are a lot of factors that contribute to how your child grows to become an adult in this world. Friends, the media, magazines, video games, sports, coaches, and many other things all affect how your child grows and learns. Having limits on what type of language you allow in your house is a smart move though. Just because your child swears doesn’t mean you have failed as parent. Stay consistent with your rules and stick with it.

For more ideas about what to do when a child swears check out an interesting post I read at Parenting Problem: How to Handle a Child’s Hateful and Disrespectful Speech. Some of the author’s main points included:

  • Build a foundation
  • Maintain consistency
  • Give it time
  • Use clarity
  • Stay calm

These are all techniques that can help you discipline to your child for their poor choice of language. The bottom line is you should build a firm foundation and be consistent.

Parenting Styles: From the Heart

Many mothers, especially first-time moms, read a lot of parenting books and look up almost everything on Google. This seems to be second nature to society today, but why? Well it’s because every parent wants what is best for their child, so therefore we educate ourselves. Sometimes no matter how much we read, there are problems that we cannot solve. So what do we do when that happens? Personally, I think we should go with our gut instinct. Different kinds of people from different parts of the world have different parenting styles that are usually passed from one generation to another. This is according to a recent post about parenting from blog you can find here.

“Styles of parenting differ in different parts of the world. When a baby is learning to walk in Indian homes, most of the parents love to hold hands to teach the young one but one fall sends the whole household scampering to quieten the child who breaks out to as if he or she is running for the title of ‘Prince/ Princess of Wails’ ! In Mid East and especially in Israel the parents stand on the other side of the room and call the child to walk in their direction. Even if the child falls there are no tantrums and is encouraged to try again! The cultural differences are ingrained in the psyche from such a tender age.”

“Humans are the only species that want to hand hold their children forever regardless of whatever age they reach! It is not difficult to find overgrown ‘Guddi’, ‘Baby’,’Munna’ and ‘Chicko’! The names given with much affection at tender age become embarrassing sometimes for the individuals at a later day in the age when they are addressed by these nicknames! The birds, animals and all natural species other than humans take care of their children till they learn to catch their own prey and hunt their own food! Once they can stand on their own feet none of these birds or animals tag with their children!

Apart from educating ourselves, it is also important to listen, feel, and do your parenting by the heart.