Getting Involved at Your Local Parish: Don’t Be Nervous

I believe that there are a lot of individuals who want to belong in their Church community or parish but some are hesitant. So why would they be hesitant to get more involved? Getting involved at your local parish should be easy right? Based on my own experience, it’s not that easy. People get really nervous about things when they don’t know what to expect. I was afraid of not belonging when I wanted to start helping out more at my local parish. I was scared that no one would accept me and I would not know anyone in the ministry to talk to. This is normal, but sometimes leaving your comfort zone to doing something new can be amazing. I started helping out with my parish’s catechism program for children, and I love it! I’ve met so many amazing people.

If you are having the same fears I did, try reading this blog post fromĀ HDYDI: Find Your Church Ministry. If I read it before I got into the Church Ministry, it would have helped me decide to join in sooner. I found her post easy to relate to.

If your desire is to serve God, he will pour his blessings down on you and open opportunities for you to be exactly where you want to be.

A Priest’s Christmas Wish: Go To Confession During Advent

I recently heard about a story that made me stop and think this world might be alright after all. A local priest from a small parish of about 300 families made a tremendous impact. Typically the priest would receive small gifts from members of the parish during the Christmas season, but made clear he did not want any of those things that year. The priest said that instead of the normal gifts he wanted everybody in the parish to go to confession during Advent. He made more times available for confession and also brought in visiting priests to help him, and the parish responded! He kept track of penitents who hadn’t been to confession in over twenty years, and the number was over 200 people!

I thought that this story, which I read initially on Fr. Z’s blog What Does the Prayer Really Say?, was a true inspiration. Imagine if this happened in more parishes across the country?