Caritas Spain Donates to Help Peru

“Caritas Spain recently approved a donation of $167,700 for farming aid in Peru in order to boost child nutrition in the South American country.  The money is part of an aid package totaling $537,384 for projects in countries in Africa, Asia and South America.  According to the Efe news agency, Caritas announced the aid package “will be distributed between Angola, Mozambique, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia and Peru.”

“Half of the amount, $272,934 will be used for nutrition and education programs in Angola and Mozambique. In the latter country, two projects will be carried out: the construction of a multi-purpose center that will offer health care, and the rehabilitation of the Catholic University of Pemba,” Efe reported.

“Another $64,500 will be to help those displaced by the recent outbreak of violence in the former Soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan.” The remaining $32,250 will be used “for a healthcare program for the poor in Cambodia.”” – “Caritas Gives Nearly $168,000 to Aid Projects in Peru”, Catholic News Agency

This post from Catholic News Agency was great to see. They are dividing up the large sum of money in their donation to help several great causes at once. This is a smart move by Caritas Spain and it is also very kind. The people of Peru obviously need help from somebody, and more people should look to lend a helping hand like Caritas Spain has done. If even some people follow the example set by them, it will mean that much more help for Peruvians and that means the world to them all.