Why Do Kids Always Want a Puppy for Christmas?

If you have kids there is a very good chance you have seen one thing on their Christmas wish lists for years. A puppy! Unless you have a family pet of course. It just seems like kids can’t resist getting their hopes up and asking for a puppy every single year for Christmas. I can’t personally blame them because I did the same thing back when I was a kid. Come on, who can resist a puppy! Realistically though it can be difficult for parents to deal with this question every year, and find a way to explain that a puppy is just not a feasible idea for their family.

A post called, “He Wants a Puppy” talks about just this problem that parents are presented with. Sometimes it is the wrong time to get a pet, and a puppy is a lot of responsibility. Explaining it that way to young children might be tough, but having a puppy when their just isn’t somebody to take care of it is the wrong decision.

Getting a Family Pet: How to Make the Big Decision

If you have kids you have without a doubt been asked the question, “Can we get a puppy/kitten?” before. Kids love pets and let’s be honest most parents do as well. What parents do not like is an additional responsibility to add into their already hectic and busy life. Pets require a certain amount of effort and care no matter which kind of animal you decide to choose. I think that if your children are old enough, you can take this opportunity to teach them about responsibility. If done correctly, getting a pet can be a win-win situation for your family. Kids love pets as we have discussed, so if you give them what they love it comes with a price. Make clear that you will teach them how the pet will be taken care of and what you expect them to do. Divide up responsibilities and allow your kids to learn about the work it takes to keep a pet at home.

I found a post on Parent Palace recently titled, “Family Pets: To Go or Not Go There?” that discussed the pro’s and con’s of getting a family pet. If you are interested in getting a family pet check out Julie’s post about this topic. I felt like some of her reasons on both sides could be issues and feelings of other families as well.