The Right Way To Praise A Child

The subject of “praising a child” is probably one of the most debated subjects in parenting. Some people say praising is good, while others say that its damaging. I would say that offering genuine, positive comments to children is an important tool in making children understand that they are valued and appreciated. However, I am against parents who delude their kids with empty praises.

I have always believed that sincere and action-specific praise brings the best effects to children. However, it was only recently that I was actually able to read some articles and studies that validated my thoughts. One particularly interesting read I came across was this one: Praising the child’s effort… “you tried hard!”, not the person…”you’re a good boy!” far more effective, says new study.”

Praising our kids is an important part of building their self-esteem and confidence. But overpraising and giving insincere flattery could do more harm than good to the kids.