The Top Five Religious Statues You Should Own

So you’re looking to add some decoration to that room in your office or house that is just plain boring? Well look no further because a nice religious statue could be just what you have been searching for. These statues can be modestly priced and look great in almost any kind of setting. There are a plethora of options to choose from as well, like a statue of any patron saint, Jesus, or Mary. To help you on your way to choosing one you here are five pretty awesome statues you may want to consider.

1.) Sacred Heart Statue – Jesus is depicted in this piece wearing a white and red robe. He is shown with the holes in his hands from his death on the cross and has a shining red heart coming from the center of his chest. This piece is a great idea for anywhere in a house or office because it holds a true meaning that everybody will be able to look at and comprehend. Let’s be honest here, who couldn’t use a little reminder of our savior Jesus during their day?

2.) Virgin Mary Statue/Our Lady of Grace Statue – Mary was the mother of Jesus, and this statue does her justice in depicting her as the mother of the Catholic Church. Mary is standing with her arms raised at her sides looking tranquil as always. She is dressed in a long dress that is white, covered by a blue cloth over the top. This statue will make a great piece for any room in your house and will be sure to catch visitor’s eyes. However, it is nothing over the top and can be discreet if it needs to be.

3.) Saint Joseph Statue – Saint Joseph was the father of Jesus, he raised him from a newborn with Mary and taught him how to be a good man. He played a vital role in Christ’s life and this is a very important thing that people should remember. Joseph is holding Jesus in this statue and in his other hand he holds flowers. A statue of both Jesus and Joseph is a very nice thing to find because it depicts two very important people from the New Testament of the Bible at once.

4.) Saint Jude Statue – Saint Jude was one of Jesus’ Apostles, and his is shown in this picture with a flame on his forehead. This is to symbolize Pentecost when the spirit came down upon the Apostles and allowed them to speak in tongues and communicate with all people to spread the word of God. Saint Jude is almost always shown with an image of Christ on his person, and this statue follows that tradition with a picture of Christ being held close to Jude’s chest.

5.) Saint Michael Statue – Saint Michael was the Archangel who led heaven to victory in the battle against Satan. He is a hero and this statue does him justice. He is shown in this piece with great shining angel’s wings and a shield of armor across his chest. Many people are unaware of Saint Michael and the great win he helped bring for heaven so this statue could be a nice conversation piece to have in your house or office.