“What can I bring?” Suggestions for the Thanksgiving dinner guest

Really?  More green bean casserole?!  While food is of course a major component of Thanksgiving, mycatholicblog would like to suggest two alternative offerings that the Thanksgiving dinner guest can bring to the big event:

1. The Perfect Prayer. With all that delicious food on the table, it becomes incredibly difficult to sit through a long-winded prayer without diving across the table into the mashed potatoes.  Therefore, mycatholicblog recommends a prayer that adequately acknowledges all of life’s blessings, but will still be finished before the turkey goes cold.  There are tons of prayer suggestions online, and we particularly like this one:

Jesus, thank you for loving us;
And providing food, shelter, and each other.
Every moment of our lives is a gift;
And we appreciate all the time You have given us.
Thank you for all our good fortune.
(website found here)

Short and sweet, now let’s eat!

2. A gift for the host. Preparing a feast is hard work! It’s time-consuming, expensive, and that oven gets mighty hot! The host is most likely happy to do all the work in exchange for being surrounded by loved ones.  Still, a small thank you would be nice.  And a small thank you in the form of a gift would be especially nice!  How about a rosary and a prayer card? Or a lovely piece of jewelry, perhaps a necklace?  Best of all, gifts ordered online come straight to your door, and almost always have overnight or expedited shipping options.  Giving the host a gift is really just a way to make a memorable day even more special.

Happy Thanksgiving?  Awesome Thanksgiving.

Rosary Beads Save Soldiers Life

“A British soldier was saved by his rosary beads in Afghanistan when he stooped to pick them up and saw that he was next to a landmine. It was strikingly similar to his great grandfather’s experience who escaped a blast when he picked up his fallenrosary beads.

Glenn Hockton, 19, was on patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan, when bent down to pick up his prayer beads after they fell off, Daily Express reported Tuesday.

It was then that he realised that he was standing close to a mine.

“As he (Glenn) bent down to pick up his rosary to see if it was broken, he ­realised he was near a landmine.

“He had to stand there for 45 terrifying minutes before his c­olleagues managed to get him,” Glenn’s mother Sheri Jones was quoted as saying.

Nearly 65 years back, Glenn’s great-grandfather’s life was saved during the World War II, thanks to rosary beads. He survived a blast, which killed six of his platoon.” – “Rosary Beads Save British Soldier from Afghan Landmine”, Gaea Times

This article from the Gaea Times tells a wonderful, yet peculiar story about a British soldier. It seems that he and his grandfather have both been saved by a set of rosary beads now! What a strange event to occur to two people of the same family. I could not believe it when I read this. Things like this are truly miracles that should be remembered for a long time.

Rosary Beads: Choosing the Right Ones for You

Rosary beads and rosaries are made for various reasons. Some are just made as plain rosary beads for those who wish to have a regular set of them, while some others are made for specific purposes. Many rosaries are made because they are intended to be given as a gift for a certain occasion, like the celebration of an important sacrament in a person’s life. Some others are made in remembrance of Mary, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, or a special patron saint. Also, you can find rosary beads that are made specifically for women or men. A popular rosary set made for women are the numerous different versions of bracelet rosary beads that are out there right now. No matter what the case may be there is one thing that is for sure, which would be that there is a rosary out there for everybody. If you are unsure of which set might suit you, there are many different options to consider.

Rosary beads that are made in honor of patron saints can be a great choice to consider when shopping for yourself or somebody else. You can always get them a set made after the patron saint they share their name with, or you could get them one made for their favorite saint if you know theirs. A prime example of a patron saint with her own rosary set would be Saint Anne. Saint Anne was married to a man named Joachim, and their marriage had been a long one. The only issue for them was that they had never produced any children, and this saddened them because they wanted so badly to have one. They endured much ridicule from people in their town for their troubles as well. Mary and Joachim got news from an angel one day that they would be having a child, which they would. Their child was a girl by the name of Mary. And yes, this is THE Mary we all know, the mother of Christ. Mary would be raised by Joachim and Anne to love the Church and lead a religious lifestyle. Saint Anne’s rosary set is gorgeous, it consists of blue beads all the way around and a silver cross and chain. Mary is featured with Anne on a medal on the rosary to show that it was made in her honor. This is a great example of a patron saint with a wonderful life story who has her own rosary. There are a plethora of saints just like Anne who have their own medals, so you just have to get out there and look for them.

If somebody you know and love is receiving a sacrament of the Church, a great gift idea would be to get them a set of rosary beads that have to do with the sacrament. This is definitely a thoughtful gift that they will appreciate. There are rosary sets for Baptisms, Reconciliations, First Holy Communions, and Confirmations. A gift that would be great for a First Holy Communion would be a rosary set that comes inside of a Holy Communion Box. The beads themselves are black with a silver chain. The chaplet medal includes a visual of the Eucharist and the goblet of wine that are used at Mass, and the entire rosary set comes in a beautiful wooden box. This is just one of many rosary sets created specifically for different sacraments.

The last kind of rosary set that I will give you a heads up on would be the bracelet rosaries I mentioned earlier. These make great gifts for women, and can be worn casually or out to an important ceremony. They come in many different forms and can be very flashy or very plain. Three particular types that come up a lot are pearl rosary bracelets, sterling silver rosary bracelets, and a combination of the two. The pearl bracelets are sophisticated and may be a bit much if the woman you are shopping for isn’t into getting all dressed up. The sterling silver one is very plain and could be worn by anybody on a more daily basis. The last set, being a mixture of the other two, is like an hybrid that really works all the time no matter the situation. So no matter who you are shopping for, you should be able to find at least one set of these bracelet rosaries that fits into what you want.

Now this list is surely not the be all, end all for rosaries, but it makes a good start. Hopefully you have found something you liked after reading all of this, and if not then it was still a good start to show you what you may have been neglecting when thinking about rosaries. Now get out there and find that perfect set of rosary beads!