Why Kids Need Routines: My Opinion on This Topic

Reading this blog post today, “How Important are Routines for Children,” inspired me to share my thoughts on why routines are very important for both parents and children. I believe that kids need routines just as much as parents do. Personally I love having routine in my life, it allows me to be comfortable.

Over the years I have spent raising my kids, I have come to appreciate how enormously beneficial it is for children to have a predictable routine. As opposed to some who think that creating a structure for kids benefits only the parents, I think routines have more positive effects for children. How? Here are three reasons that I believe kids need routines.

1. It helps children feel safe and secure.

2. It helps children form healthy habits–brushing teeth, early sleep time and etc.

3. It helps children gain a sense of responsibility.

Kids need routines — even if they don’t know it. With schedules and routines, children will become increasingly anxious and fearful as they will constantly think of what’s coming next. However, you should remember that there is not a one-size-fits-all routine for kids. There are different suggested routines for each age group and you should structure your schedules to perfectly suit your family. Do what works for you!