Saint Anastasia: Patron Saint of Widows

Many saints during the time of Christian persecution chose suffering over denying God. However, not many saints actually showed the signs of their sainthood during their persecution. St. Anastasia escaped torture and death many times before she was finally killed. She was a special saint with God by her side along the way, and many people saw the amazement of her.

When Saint Anastasia was born, her father was a pagan and her mother was secretly a Christian. She refused to let anyone know because at that time she would have been killed. Unfortunately, her mother died at a young age, and her father made her marry a fellow pagan – Pablius.

Even though Pablius believed he would have sex with his wife, St. Anastasia remained a virgin by telling him that she was sick all the time.

In disguise, St. Anastasia spent her time helping  prisoners. She would feed them, and care for them if they were ill. These prisoners were not ones who were being held due to horrible crimes, these were the ones who were captured because they believed in God.

Unfortunately, her good deeds in disguise did not remain hidden for long. Her husband found out. He had her beaten and locked up for what she was doing for the Christians.

While locked up, she started to communicate with St. Chrysogonus. He suggested that she be patient, turn to God in times of need, and accept His will. St. Chrysogonus also predicted her husband’s death by sea. Sure enough, soon after his prediction, St. Anastasia’s husband drowned.

When her husband died, she took their property and divided it among the poor. She then travelled all around the cities preaching to Christian prisoners. She also helped to care for them medically by healing their wounds. Since she helped so many people recover from poisons, she was named Deliverer from Potions.

After some time though, she was captured again. The pagan who captured her offered her riches or torturous tools. She chose the torturous tools because she would rather suffer than have to deny God. The pagan gave her three days to change her mind, and then tried to rape her. When he touched her though, he went blind. His head started to ache as well, and he screamed loudly, just like a madman. He hurried over to the pagan temple for help, but died before he could get there.

While she escaped death and torture many times, there came a time when she did end up being killed for her Christian beliefs. She was stretched between four pillars, and a fire was set beneath her. She was burned alive. What’s amazing is that her body was unscathed. A women by the name of Apollinaria buried St. Anastasia’s body in a garden, but her body was just as it was before the burning.

St. Anastasia’s story is one of strength, perseverance and the power of the Lord. Remember her story when you are going through a difficult time in your life. Anything is possible in life when you have faith in God.