Keeping the Saints in Mind Throughout November: Ideas for Your Family

All Saints Day was November 1, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about the saints. In fact, if you have kids I would even encourage you to keep the saint in mind all month long. A recent post on Catholic Family Fun gave me this idea. The post was titled, “Fun for the Month”, and was about ways to keep your family involved and learning about the saints all through November. The author Sarah has some awesome ideas which include having your kids trade saint cards, designing their own saint place mats, feast day cards, family litanies, and other great ideas as well!

What ways will you utilize to teach your children about the saints?

Dorothy Day to Become Considered for Sainthood

There will be a vote this week during the US Bishop’s General Assembly to advance the cause for Dorothy Day’s canonization as a saint. Cardinal Dolan is the leading advocate for the cause, and will make his case to the other bishops at this week’s meetings. Dorothy Day has already been given the title “Servant of God”, which happened in 2000 when Cardinal O’Connor first advocated her canonization. Day passed away on November 29, 1980 and was quoted during her life for saying, “If I have accomplished anything in my life, it is because I have not been embarrassed to talk about God”. To learn more about the life of Dorothy Day check out the Biography of Dorothy Day featured on Catholic Worker Movement.

We will without a doubt be hearing more about this development soon and will keep you posted!

Saint Leo the Great: What Makes This Patron Saint “Great”?

Ever wonder why Saint Leo was great? Saint Leo the Great was Pope Leo I before he passed away. During his time as pope, he dealt with a lot of different issues in the Church. The Church was having a difficult time with pagan religions during his time, the late fifth century, and Leo handled the issues very well. The problems were coming from Pelagianism and Manichaeanism, and Leo made them all renounce their paganism before they would be allowed Communion.

Leo also established the idea that Christ and his teachings were of man and of God. This was important because Pelagianism and Manichaeanism were teaching otherwise at the time. Saint Leo the Great also helped greatly to establish the papacy into the position we know it as today. Barbarians were about to attack Rome during his papacy, and Leo convinced Attila to not attack the city.

Amongst all these other things, Leo is a Doctor of the Church. So as you can see, Saint the Leo the Great truly deserves his title. To learn more about Saint Leo the Great read this post on Saints and Angels.

Making a Litany: How to Create Your Own Family Litany

You can find interesting ways to teach your family about the saints. Creating a family litany is one way to do so, and it is quite simple. Constructing a list of saints to include in your litany can be a cool way to discover saints that you don’t know much about. A recent post on Catholic Mom gave some great information on how to create a family litany. Lauren, the author of the post, gave great ideas such as including saints who share names with your children, spouse, and any other family members. She also suggested including the patron saints of your and your spouse’s professions. Check out the post and learn how to create a family litany today!

The Most Popular Patron Saint Medals Today

Patron saint medals have been a popular accessory to wear for quite some time now. They are also nice to just have in your pocket or on you all the time. People get a feeling of comfort knowing that they have their patron saint with them at all times. People wear medals for all sorts of reasons, some because of their name, some because of their occupation, and some for no reason at all. Whatever the case may be there are certainly some common medals that you see on a more daily basis than some other ones.

5.) Saint Patrick – Saint Patrick was born in Britain to two wealthy parents, however he is known for his work in Ireland and for being the patron saint of the the country as well. Saint Patrick’s feast day is one of the more widely celebrated ones of all patron saints. It happens on March 17th each year and is more widely known as Saint Patrick’s Day. When Patrick was only a teenager he was taken by Irish Druids from Britain. They took him back to Ireland with them where he was forced to labor for them and he was treated very poorly. Patrick became very spiritual during his years in Ireland, he prayed day and night and became closer with God than he could have ever imagined before. God told him in a dream one night that he must flee to the coast, which Patrick did. At the coastline he found British sailors who brought him home to Ireland finally. He found sailors there who took him home to Britain. Patrick went home and got ordained into the priesthood. Not too long after that Patrick would become a bishop. Patrick wished to go back to Ireland and try to help the people their see the ways of Christianity, which he did to a great extent. Saint Patrick utilized the shamrock to teach the Irish people the Holy Trinity.

4.) Saint Thomas Aquinas – Saint Thomas Aquinas was one of the best theologians the Church has ever seen. He is known as the patron saint of students and universities because of his great passion for education and knowledge. Saint Thomas’ feast day is celebrated on January 28th. Thomas was given a great education from a young age, and he certainly took full advantage of his opportunity. Thomas decided, when he was of age, that he wanted to pursue life as a monk. His family strongly disapproved of his choice and tried to talk him out of it, but he would not change his mind because he knew what was right. Saint Thomas went on to become a member of the Order of Saint Dominic and would study under the incredibly smart Saint Albert the Great.

3.) Saint John the Baptist – Saint John the Baptist was the final prophet of the Old Testament and was also the last one to come before Jesus Christ, the son of God. Saint John’s parents were named Elizabeth and Zachary and the couple was extraordinarily old when they found out Elizabeth was pregnant with John. Gabriel was sent by God to tell John and Elizabeth of this before it happened, so they knew just what to expect. Saint John is best known for baptizing many people in the Jordan River. He even baptized Jesus there! John knew Jesus was the Messiah and spread word of it all the time. The ruler at the time, Herod, did not like the sway John had over all the people at that time so he had him arrested for no apparent reason. He then had his head chopped off to end what he saw as a threat to his power.

2.) Saint Michael – Saint Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of policemen because he was one of the angels who protected heaven in its battle versus Satan. Michael was actually the archangel who took charge and was responsible for the victory in that battle. He is a great protector and that is why he is the patron saint of policemen. His feast day is on the 29th of September every year.

1.) Saint Christopher – Saint Christopher died for his faith in Christianity just like many other martyrs of the Church. His death took place in the third century. One of the many stories of Christopher’s life is one that deals with him unknowingly carrying Christ across a terribly dangerous river. Christopher carried Christ and felt the weight of the world on him just as Christ always does. Christ appeared to him in the form of a boy though, so Christopher was really stumped as too why the boy weighed so much when he went to take him across the river. However, he did not ask questions or quit because it was too hard. Christopher made it across the river and told the boy he was very heavy. The boy told Christopher then that he was Christ and that he had just served the son of God. He thanked Christopher for his service and disappeared. Christopher appears on the most medals out of any patron saint. He is pictured on almost any sports medal that you can think of, and that is why he is number one on this list.