“God-Clause” — A Parallel Between God and Santa?

Mycatholicblog loves the blog Christ and Pop Culture.  The recently re-posted an article they wrote which analyzes the role Santa plays in Christian faith.  The article, entitled “God-Clause: Reflections on Santa and Theology Proper”  can be found here, and is unfortunately too long to be re-posted in its entirety.  The excerpt below is the article’s opening sparagraphs:

He is the all-seeing, all-knowing, omnipresent being, who rewards the good and punishes the bad. He is mysterious and beyond our comprehension. He is both transcendent and immanent, and we feel His presence in special ways around this time of year. Wait…I’ve lost myself in my own introduction. Are we talking about God or Santa?

The two seem not so dissimilar if you pause and reflect for a moment. And for the most part Christians don’t often pause and reflect on this Santa figure. Is his similarity to the Almighty an acceptable myth or does it have implications for Christian theology and life?

The article stresses two main points: first, Santa is not the enemy and secondly, the tension between secular and religious perspectives of Christmas will lessen if people simply remember the distinction.  In other words, if one can achieve a higher awareness of Jesus than the perceived threat of Santa nullifying the Christian aspect of the holiday will automatically dissipate.

Mycatholicblog agrees with the article’s sentiment; we understand the importance of “keeping Christ in Christmas,”  but don’t see the harm in small children believing in Santa.  After all, Santa teaches faith and goodwill, two very important aspects of Christianity.  And in all fairness, it’s much easier for kids to grasp the concept of Santa, the jolly old man whose lap they can physically sit on at the local mall, than an all-knowing, pervasive and highly undefined God.  So we say yes, keep Christ in Christmas…but keep Santa in there too.