Easing the Stress of Saving for College

A daunting task that parents have to think about is how they will save money to send their child to college. Having a college education in today’s world is an important facet in most adult’s lives. However, the cost of these college educations has done nothing but soar in recent decades. This creates a difficult situation for parents and their children too because they end up saddled with mountainous debts for years. People continue to find ways to send their children to college though, but if you are looking for some ideas we can help you out.

I read an article called, “The Top 10 Tips for Saving Money for College”, and I thought they made some good suggestions. Some of the best ideas that they suggested were making a habit of saving, starting early, and getting your kids involved in the saving when they begin working. All of these things will make paying for college that much easier.

Christmas savings tips!

Christians Against Poverty (CAP) released helpful hints for those in a bit of a budget crunch this Christmas season.  Their suggestions include making homemade gifts, offering services instead of material goods (for example: free babysitting voucher), and avoiding buying out of obligation.

The biggest mistake to avoid however is taking out a loan to help with Christmas costs.  CAP claims that those who took out loans around the holiday season often feel more worried or depressed afterwards.  And of course, having the loans to pay back, along with the interest, doesn’t make saving money and investing for the future any easier.

CAP’s hesitance over holiday-borrowing and encouragement to be fiscally conservative stems from the conspicuous fact that as of now, the economy, the job market, and various factors affecting standard of living (benefits, utilities, etc) are all very unstable.

CAP Chief Executive Matt Barlow explains,  “We’re not party poopers. We just want people to enjoy Christmas and not be anxious about whether they will be able to pay it all back.”

He continues, “These are difficult times for a lot of us and the temptation is to say ‘at least we’ll have a great Christmas’ and use that as an excuse to spend what we haven’t got.”

Mycatholicblog took a lot of CAP’s great hints to heart, and especially likes tip #7: Remember – you can’t buy love. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t afford the latest present for your children. Your love and affectionwill last longer in the memory than any toy can.